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Go Tutorials & Examples

Learn Go programming by example. GOSAMPLES is a library of Go tutorials and examples that helps you solve everyday code problems.

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🐾 How to compare strings in Go

shorts introduction strings

🛑 Exit an app in Go

shorts introduction os

💻 How to check your Go version

Learn how to check Go version in CLI, application, or script
introduction version

🔁 Repeat a string in Go

shorts strings

⌚ Unix time in Go [cheatsheet]

Learn how to get, convert and work with the Unix epoch time
cheatsheet time

🦮 A practical introduction to PostgreSQL in Go

Learn how to make CRUD operations in PostgreSQL like a pro
tour postgresql db sql

🥇 How to uppercase the first letter of each word in Go

shorts strings

🔠 String to uppercase in Go

shorts strings

🐘 Best PostgreSQL database drivers and ORMs in Go

Check which PostgreSQL driver and ORM you can use in your next project
list postgresql db sql

🧽 Remove non-alphanumeric characters from a string in Go

Learn how to remove characters that are not letters or numbers from a string
strings regex
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