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Learn how to effectively handle Go errors

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🌯 Wrap and Unwrap errors in Go

Learn how to create and handle an error hierarchy
introduction errors

🔌 Handle 'connection reset by peer' error in Go

Learn what it means and how to detect the 'connection reset by peer' error
http errors

🕵️ Solve 'cannot take address of XXX' error in Go

Learn how to take the address of a literal, map value, or function return value
introduction pointer errors

🪠 Handle 'broken pipe' error in Go

Learn how to detect the 'broken pipe' error when writing an HTTP response
http errors

📡 Handle Context Deadline Exceeded error in Go

Learn how to check if a HTTP client returns a request timeout error
http errors

📂 Check if a file exists in Go

Learn how to check if a file exists in Go after or before opening it
introduction file errors

🐛 Handle errors in Go with errors.Is() and errors.As()

Learn how to check error type using errors.Is() and errors.As() functions
introduction errors