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Learn the basics of Go with practical examples

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📰 String padding in Go

Learn how to print aligned strings padded with spaces
introduction strings format

🍕 Compare two slices in Go

Learn how to check if two slices are equal
introduction slice strings

⌛ Temporary file in Go - how to create?

Learn how to create and use a temporary file or folder
introduction file

👣 Print struct variables in Go

Learn how to print struct with variable names
introduction strings go-spew

🔄 Convert CSV to JSON in Go

Learn how to transform CSV file data to JSON
introduction file csv json

🗒️ Read a CSV file in Go

Learn how to read a CSV or TSV file line by line or the whole file at once
introduction file csv

⚙️ Convert interface to string in Go

Learn how to format any value as a string
introduction interface strings

⏲️ Measure execution time in Go

Learn how to measure the time taken by a function
introduction time

📁 List files in a directory in Go

Learn how to list files in a folder in 4 different ways
introduction file

📂 Check if a file exists in Go

Learn how to check if a file exists in Go after or before opening it
introduction file errors
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