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Learn how to work with date and time in Go. Measure execution time, format dates and perform many other operations using Go time package

📝 Convert date or time to string in Go

shorts introduction time

✨ 5 different ways to loop over a time.Ticker in Go

Learn how to use the popular time.Ticker struct in loops
introduction time

⌚ Unix time in Go [cheatsheet]

Learn how to get, convert and work with the Unix epoch time
cheatsheet time

⏳ Time difference between two dates in Go

shorts time

🕰️ Date and time format in Go cheatsheet

Learn how to format date and time
cheatsheet time

📅 YYYY-MM-DD date format in Go

Learn how to format date without time
introduction time

⏲️ Measure execution time in Go

Learn how to measure the time taken by a function
introduction time

😴 Sleep function in Go - pause the program execution

Learn how to pause the execution of a current Goroutine
introduction time