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Learn the basics of Go with practical examples

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🏟️ Capacity and length of a slice in Go

Learn what is the difference between length and capacity of a slice
introduction slice array

🕵️ Solve 'cannot take address of XXX' error in Go

Learn how to take the address of a literal, map value, or function return value
introduction pointer errors

🔟 Convert string to bool in Go

Learn how to parse a string as a bool
introduction strings bool

👯 Remove duplicate spaces from a string in Go

Learn how to remove all redundant whitespaces from a string
introduction strings regex

📚 Convert byte slice to io.Reader in Go

Learn how to satisfy io.Reader interface using byte slice
introduction slice

📁 Create a directory in Go

Learn how to create a single or a hierarchy of directories
introduction file

📎 Convert JSON to CSV in Go

Learn how to transform JSON file to CSV
introduction file json csv

🖐️ Declare enum in Go

Learn how to declare and use enums
introduction enum iota const

🧐 iota in Go - how to use?

Learn how to use iota keyword in constants declaration
introduction iota const

💡 Empty slice vs nil slice in Go

Learn what is the difference between empty and nil slice and when to use them
introduction slice
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